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Managing Service Delivery with USM

The IT Management Group is specialised in setting up your service delivery. We have a lot of experience in organising and optimising application management, business information management and IT infrastructure management in organisations. Precisely tailored to your business processes. In 1 integrated management system, called USM.
If you want to outsource part of your IT management or, on the contrary, want to insource, we will gladly support you.
With an audit, we can measure the maturity of your IT organisation and advise you on the steps to take to improve your services.

Organising service delivery

Managing service delivery is becoming increasingly important. The costs of management currently amount to an average of 70% of the total costs of an information system. That means that an efficient and effective design of the management organisation will pay off quickly. The USM method brings business information management, IT infrastructure management and application management together in 1 integrated management system. Not based on a plethora of overlapping best practices, but on a series of universal principles that lead to only 5 processes with only 8 routines. That’s it.

Issues that need to be resolved:

  • How can the service delivery processes optimally support the business?
  • How can the processes be embedded in the organisation and aligned with the various management levels?
  • Which process duplications can be omitted?
  • What is the desired maturity level of the service delivery organisation?
  • How do you achieve the organisational change that goes with a process-oriented (re)organisation?
  • How can line, process and project organisation be optimally attuned to each other?

What does IT Management Group do?

ITMG advises and supports in setting up and optimising service delivery within your organisation. Not only for IT, but also for any facility task like building management, human resources or security. ITMG can help your organisation with these issues and also supports your company by providing professional training courses.


Nowadays, many companies choose to outsource part of their work to specialised companies and focus on their core activities. Outsourcing part of the work is not an easy task.

Issues that need to be resolved include:

  • Which activities can be outsourced and which cannot?
  • How should the demand organisation be set up in order to optimally manage the sourced processes?
  • What should the demand organisation take into account when drawing up the requirements, the contract and the Service Level Agreement in order to ensure that it has sufficient control options during the contract period?

Audit IT organisation

The IT Management Group has an advanced USM assessment tool with which we are able to measure the maturity of your service delivery organisation. The analysis covers six focus areas for establishing a service management system: Control, Organisation, Processes, Ways of working, Tools, and Service.

The IT Management Group can perform an audit on a specific process or on the service delivery organisation as a whole.

Are you curious about the performance of your service delivery organisation? The IT Management Group offers you a scan of your organisation that will give you a good impression of the performance of your service delivery and indicates possible areas of improvement.

If you would like more information, please contact IT Management Group