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Emal Raiz Ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid
8/10 -Rating8
Trainer was duidelijk en behulpzaam. Alles werd netjes uitgelegd.

Eva Abbenhuis Top tot Teen
10/10 -Rating10
De trainer, Nicole van de Hout, heeft de cursus heel erg enthousiast gebracht. Ik vond vooral de eerste lesdag erg interessant, het stuk over Transsectionele Analyse. Het was een hele interactieve training, niet alleen maar zenden. Dat vind ik dan ook zeer positief!

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    USM Foundation (ENG)

    Price: €800,-
    Duration: 2 days

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    USM means Unified Service Management. USM is a standardized management system with which a service organization manages its people, resources, practices and services with just 5 processes and 8 automated workflows. The method is applicable to any type of service.

    What makes USM special?

    Practices of service organizations are frequently based on the practices of others (best practices). These practices are then incorporated into popular frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT. The use of frameworks or practices is useful but a more sustainable approach is based on principles. The USM method was developed on the basis of principles. An organization can use USM to set up its management and operating procedures in a simple manner.

    Complete package

    Unlike a best practice such as ITIL, USM offers a complete package on the basis of which an services of an organization can be organized and managed. This includes process descriptions, procedures, workflows, specified organizational structures, tooling, job profiles, implementation manuals and self-assessment facilities.

    Where do you apply USM?

    USM is a method for universal service management, developed for all service and facility organizations such as building management, IT, human resources, etc., but also for all forms of primary services such as telecom providers and municipalities. Standardization of the management system is the key to success!

    Watch Managing Service Delivery with USM (ENG)

    Training content

    The USM training emphasizes the process-oriented design of the service organization and its way of working, based on the belief that processes are the shortest and most efficient path to the goal relevant to the customer.

    During this course, the participant will learn to handle the following service management aspects:
    – Methods versus practices (frameworks)
    – Primary versus secondary task areas
    – The layout of the facility domain
    – The service lifecycle
    – The definition, structure, and characteristics of a service
    Maturity models and value chains in service management
    – Distinctions between task areas and organizational structures
    – The assets of a service provider
    – Structure of a process
    – Management of practices through procedures and work instructions
    – Process modeling
    – Distinction between functions and processes
    – Process management and line management
    – Project management in a process-oriented organization
    – Workflow management
    – Standardization of working methods Setting up a workflow tool
    – Setting up a workflow tool
    – The 5 processes of the USM process model
    – Implementation of USM Internal and external requirements
    – Monodisciplinary application (economy of scale)
    – Interdisciplinary application (economy of scope)

    Target group

    Organizations that want their management organization to work in a uniform way, according to the latest insights, with an easy to learn and logical working method. The target group consists of all organizations that strive for Service Excellence and customer orientation. Participants are both the managers responsible for the organizational improvement project and employees who must learn to work in an organization that uses the USM method.

    Training Materials

    The training is based on a digital set of training materials. In addition, you will be provided with the USM Foundation book.

    Examination and certificate

    The training course will prepare you for the USM exam. The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions and is administered online. Participants are successful if they have answered at least 26 questions correctly. Candidates are required to identify themselves to the invigilator and have 1 hour to complete the exam. Assistive devices are not permitted during the exam. The examination fee is € 200,- excluding VAT. The exam will be scheduled for you by appointment.

    Training duration and costs

    The Unified Service Management training is offered to you by the IT Management Group as an accredited USM training partner. The duration of the USM Foundation training is 2 days. The cost for the USM training is € 800, -. This price includes course materials, coffee, tea and lunch and excludes examination fees and VAT.


    The IT Management Group works only with the best instructors. Our trainers are certified and have knowledge of theory and practice.

    Advies en detachering

    Are you looking for good advice on how to set up or optimize your IT organization? Then contactadvice and secondment pages.

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